Multiplex Ltd equipment

NGN equipment, TDM access equipment, Network management equipment, Power supply equipment, Power distribution equipment, Heating installations equipment, Cabinets, racks, mechanics, xDSL equipment elements, Accessories


The Multiplex product portfolio includes:

 NGN equipment


IP and hybrid PBX, VoIP gateways, GSM gateways, IP ATA and IP phones.

TDM access equipment

Access concentrators, fractional Е1 concentrators,  flexible multiplexers, Ethernet / E1 converters.

Network management equipment

Protocol converters, telecommuication management system.

Power supply equipment

DC/DC converters and PoE injectors.

Power distribution equipment

Power supply cabinets, power distribution units, power filters and adapters.

Heating installations equipment

Circulation pump controllers, UPS equipment.

Cabinets, racks, mechanics

Outdoor and indor cabinets, telecommunication racks, DDF modules.

xDSL equipment elements

Surge protection modules and pannels for xDSL systems.


Interface cables, splitters, adapters ad passive optical components.


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