Wi-Fi and VoIP Solutions for Hotels

Wi-Fi and VoIP Solutions for Hotels

Multiplex Ltd. in co-operation with ZyXEL is offering various types of completed wireless solutions for high speed INTERNET access and VoIP commuications designed for hotels, vacation villages, camping sites, playgrounds, marinas.
Without importance of the location they are, in the room, in the conference hall, in the lobby, in the coffee-bar, in the restaurant, even in the tennis club or around the pool, the customers can have reliable Internet access by their laptops, smart-phones or tablets.


This solution provides a basic Internet access service, including a billing system and availability of logging of user data. It is suitable for: small-sized hotels,  coffee houses,  restaurants, playground and other public areas.

Performance Features of the Solution:

  • Range: 35 - 100 m indoors/100 - 300 m outdoors
  • Up to 200 simultaneous users
  • Several printers can be connected (bar, restaurant, etc.)
  • Integrated registration server
  • Delivery optional solution package with N4100 Hotspot and SP300E invoice printer
  • Can be expanded to the "Advanced"/"Integrated" levels





This solution provides a basic Internet access service, including a billing system and provides possibilities for logging of user data The scenario enables the extension of the WLAN range by a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switching, thus providing WLAN Internet access in guest rooms and other hotel areas. It also offers security features for multisites.

Suitable for: Small and medium-sized hotels, campsites, gaming, exhibitions, playgrounds and clinics/sanatoriums.

Features of the System

  • All the performance features of the basic application plus increased range through additional access points: Connection of guest rooms, conference rooms, reception, restaurant and bar

  • Distribution via PoE, advantage: access points require no power connection

  • Separated WLAN networks for guests and internal usage with multi-SSID-compatible access points

  • Supports VPN clearance for business customers

  • Firewall security for protection against external intrusions, misuse by guests and for the securing of the company network

  • Assignment of the Internet accounts to various places




This solution provides an excellent Internet service in all areas, including a billing system and possibilities for logging of user data. It enables the implementation of VoIP services based on VoIP Manager Multiplex Ltd equipment. On top it also supports a connection to the hotel Property Management System.

Suitable for: Medium and large-sized hotels, campsites, gaming and clinics/sanatoriums. 



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