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 Watson 2  - different models

Watson 2 is the ideal choice for telcos and high-volume carriers needing reliable high performance in the local loop at low cost. It's an easy-to-install solution that lets you deliver lucrative services quickly, with an exceptionally low cost of ownership.Based on standard 2B1Q technology, Watson II is HDSL (High Data Rate DSL) that provides a 2,048 kbps line rate. This technology allows carriers to concentrate a large number of subscribers on one line.

Prices up to 60 Euro

 Watson 3  - different models
Watson 3 are HDSL modems, using a CAP64 line code for reliable transmission of voice and data over great distances. User interfaces: E1, nx64

Prices up to 60 Euro

 Watson 4  - different models
Watson 4 are multispeed CAP SDSL providing high-speed transmission over copper lines; User interfaces: E1, nx64

Prices up to 70 Euro

 Watson 5  - different models

Watson 5 is a multi-interface, multi-speed G.SHDSL platform that provides the utmost in flexibility. Supports G.SHDSL based E1, nx64. Data Rates from 128 kbps to 6.144 Mbps. With Watson 5, Service Providers can use one device to adapt to a wide variety of installation needs — whether they use 1, 2 or 4 copper-pair interfaces. Watson 5's multi-speed capability allows carriers to trade distance for bandwith — lowering deployment costs. It is the ideal for interconnection of LANs, mobile base stations and ISP data connections. Applications include: SOHOs, corporate and government branch offices, corporate and institutional campus networks.

Prices up to 110 Euro

All modems are available as LTU or NTU devices in table top, minirack or subrack versions


The offer is valid until stocks are exhausted.

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