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Multiplex Ltd. has been working closely with the National Railway Infrastructure Company to address the particular communications needs of the rail transportation industry. As a result of our experience in that field, we are able to provide reliable and cost-efficient Railway Communications Solutions that integrate existing legacy equipment and new technologies. In-house technology, third-party systems and competency are combined to provide the best available subsystems, with the right features at the right price.

These solutions are based on fiber optical communications which ensure complete immunity to electromagnetic interference, and problems arising from ground loops and electromagnetic radiation are totally avoided. Therefore the use of costly protection circuits is minimized. The transmission network normally consists of an optical fiber cable with PDH/SDH line terminal equipment and primary add/drop multiplexers providing access to the network. By implementation of our cross-connect multiplexors and specially designed railway station concentrators (MX.GAK.BK-001/MX.GAK.BU-001), a large number of different interface cards are available for all railway applications.

The railway station concentrator is a communication device that was specially designed by Multiplex Ltd to meet the requirements of the National Railway Infrastructure Company for train dispatching telephone systems. It allows railroad dispatchers to maintain the voice communications to the different operational divisions and inter station connections. The railway station concentrator consists of two major blocks:

  • The switching block (MX.GAK.BK-001) with network and user interfaces, switching matrix, control and diagnostic ports.

  • The management block (MX.GAK.BU-001) with touch display, loudspeaker and microphone.



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